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       Jincheng Chenhui Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003, is China pipe industry's most powerful private enterprises.produces varieties of high quality centrifugal ductile castiron pipes,with a total output of 180,000 tons.Based on advanced.equipment and techniques as well as professional management system,the centrifugal ductile cast iron pipes and fuitiings are of the nature of high strength ,elongation and anticorrosion,applided mainly in metropolitans.
       The company is located at the southeast of Shanxi Province and takes the avantages of location and transortation facilities,which,facing the central plains at south,Taihang Mounrain to the east,the Yellow River to the west an Hebei Province at the north ,is a gate of central plains.The factory is as near an 1.2 kilometers away to the highway entrance where directions to Jiaozuo,Macao,Houma are available. Moreover,it is near to the national road 207 and the railway station with only three kilometers away.Therefore,the finished products can be delivered nationwide conveniently.
       The company has first-class advanced equipment and process technology,not only produce centrifugal ductile castiron pipes with 6 meters long and DN80-800mm according to the ISO2531:2009、EN545:2010 international standard and the GB/T13295-2013 nationalstandard and arrange of kit products,but also produce the ductile iron pipes in routing the gas.
       In recent years,the company has accumulated fairly rich experience in production and hightechnology .Besides satisfying the national market,the company's products also sell to the Middle East,Southeast Asia and South America.Thanks to its high quality products and warm and thoughtful after-sales service,the company is becoming more and more popular in both domestic and international markets.

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